Hydrus Shipping and Trading can provide worldwide technical management services to all aspects of the operation and management of any type of vessel through

Hydrus Shipping and Trading inception lies on our client’s pervasive need to ensure that their vessels are operated in a safe, reliable and efficient manner and that all vessels comply with international and local rules and regulations promulgated by IMO, the classification societies ,port states, flag states and other industry organizations and are operated in an environmentally safe way.

Shipping and Trading
provides technical
management services


HYDRUS Shipping & Trading developed quality and safety management systems have been proven through the years to cover in the most efficient way all areas of environmental protection and life at sea and are continuously audited and developed so as to comply with latest international standards and regulatory bodies.

Furthermore, HYDRUS Shipping & Trading can provide amongst others:

  • regular condition assessment,
  • performance monitoring,
  • planned maintenance,
  • dry-dock planning and supervision,
  • budgetary control, purchasing and inventory control as well as auditing,
  • Certification and
  • Vetting.

Moreover, HYDRUS Shipping & Trading applies in-house Energy Efficient Management Plans through a unique, custom made and specialized Vessel Performance Monitoring Platform for each vessel individually as well as for the whole fleet in its entirety, allowing concrete daily monitoring for both vessel and fleet(s) providing thereby the most accurate results.

Plan maintenance is also performed through the company’s inhouse developed and proven software ensuring prompt and reliable maintenance planning and as such efficient unobstructed operations.