By utilizing data centric, multi‐disciplinary design tools HYDRUS Engineering Ltd. can efficiently be involved in 3D design

and modeling of process plants.

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The design modules utilized cover plant equipment, piping, HVAC, structure and cable trays. Modeling is carried out using a fully customized catalogue and specification, in a full 3D environment, with the support of tools that ensure a clash‐free design. A full range of drawings, pipe isometrics and material, equipment lists scan be produced automatically from the model.

In addition to the above, HYDRUS Engineering Ltd., can sufficiently be involved in reverse engineering works for existing plants by utilizing 3D laser scanning technology.

This service is often used for developing as‐built drawings and datasheets. Based on the Light Detection and Ranging technology (LIDAR) or Laser Radar, the method allows for the detailed representation of 3D objects. All data are gathered in the form of a point cloud (typically 18 million points in a 4 m3 cube) which are then used as input for detailed 3D modeling. 

Last but not least, HYDRUS Engineering Ltd. is in a position to implement innovative life cycle management solutions for the plant industry so as to ensure efficient data access and control through a proven ISO15926‐ compliant information management hub that links, evaluates and presents all types of data and documents ‐ not just engineering information ‐ in a secure environment, regardless of the application and format used for their generation.