A new study commissioned by the environmental groups Seas At Risk and Transport & Environment claims that new ships today are no more efficient than they were over twenty years ago, despite shipping industry claims to the contrary.

Though tanker practice is a very specialised subject whose training is disseminated through Basic and Advanced training modules supported with intensive on board training, it has been observed that even after adequate experience negligence occurs at various levels, leading to challenges in ports for loading or discharging.

Elemed Project

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Hydrus Group is a key technical partner of Elemed ( Electrification in the Eastern Mediterranean) project, a breakthrough maritime initiative which prepares the ground for the introduction of cold ironing, electric bunkering and hybrid ships across the Eastern Mediterranean Sea corridor, aiming at eliminating emissions & noise in ports and surrounding urban areas. It is a co-funded by European Union project, studying all technical, regulatory and financial issues related to the establishment of cold-ironing infrastucture, in four ports (Piraeus, Killini, Lemesos, Koper), involving three countries. Within elemed framework, the first pilot cold-ironing infrastucture in Eastern Mediterranean will be established in Killini Port.

In the 1986 movie Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home, Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott went back in time, along with the rest of the Enterprise crew to capture a pair of humpback whales in order to save humanity from an alien space probe. To do so, Scott offered the formula for “transparent aluminum” in exchange for the huge plates of plexiglas needed to contain the whales on board his ship.


In 2013 the European Union (EU) drafted a proposal to amend EU Regulation 525/2013 and implement requirements for the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from vessels.

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A small dry cargo carrier was en route in a vessel traffic services (VTS) controlled restricted waterway and, because of her size, was without a pilot. This was the first time the Master had navigated this section of the waterway.

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