Accumulated experience, throughout consistent and successful involvement in the new building industry, results in services of high quality and
expertise which consist in:


Efficient specification review and negotiations prior to contracting ensuring:

excellence for
your business


  • Incorporation of technical upgrades in the contractual documents, thus safeguarding Owners rights.
  • Improvements in the vessel’s technical equipment, systems and arrangements (machinery, outfitting etc.).
  • Improvements in the shipyard’s procedures and standards applied during construction.
  • Competitive advantages and added value over vessels of similar design.

Efficient plan approval prior to construction ensuring:

  • Incorporation of all technical upgrades achieved and agreed during specification review and negotiation into the vessel’s construction drawings.
  • Verification of compliance with Class & Statutory Rules and Regulations, IACS recommendations for shipbuilding and equipment manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Improvements in the vessel’s structures and outfitting improvements in the shipyard’s procedures and standards applied during construction.

Efficient monitoring during construction including:

  • Establishing daily communication with Owners on‐site team representatives and maintaining an overall update of the construction process, thus resolving technical issues questions and disputes raised during construction and providing relevant guidance.
  • Organizing, monitoring and participating in technical meetings during vessel’s construction and participating in vessel’s sea trials.
  • Technical assistance on handling of claims during vessel’s guarantee period.