HYDRUS Engineering Ltd., believing in the introduction of new technologies to the demanding shipping industry, is in position to provide state of the art design services combining 3D laser scanning and 3D design CAD/CAM technologies. There is accumulative experience from the Oil Refinery Industry on subject sector, which teaming-up with our Marine Sector technical and operational know-how, brings forth an innovative service with significant turn-overs to vessel’s operators.

The Implementation of the «International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments» is now probably quite close. Ship owners and managers will come under increasing pressure in respect to the timely readiness and the required cost, dealing with a project full of question marks and unexpected implications. A part of the induced risk can be reduced by carrying out virtually the retrofitting in full detail, prior to its actual materialization.

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Proposed Retrofit Procedure

  • Evaluation & Comparison Study for the WBTP Technologies available
  • Assistance in the Selection of the WBTP technology best suiting the needs
  • Evaluation & Comparison Study for the different specific WBTP designs
  • Assistance in the Selection of the specific WBTP to be installed
  • Onboard Vessel Inspection for Space Availability
  • 3D Scanning of the Machinery selected areas
  • 3D modeling of the selected areas 
  • Preparation of the preliminary PIDs diagrams
  • 3D Piping Diagrams & Outfitting
  • 3D Water Ballast Treatment System virtual installation
  • Calculation of the pressure losses and of the resulting flows
  • Preparation of the final PID diagrams and submission for Class Approval
  • Preparation of the required Automation and Electrical Drawings in co-operation with plant’s Maker
  • Interface with the Class for the required risk analysis
  • Automatically preparation of the required Working Drawings
  • Preparation of the required materials list and retrofit specification
  • Planning of the installation works


  • Available space is not a question mark anymore. More than one different proposed installation solutions can be investigated.
  • Pre-fabricated pipe and pipe outfitting high precision production is feasible.
  • Firm budget can be requested from the quoted Shipyards.
  • Substantial time savings, due to the plug in installation. In some cases the installation may be feasible without taking the vessel off-hire.
  • Operational and maintenance issues are integrated based on Vessels’ Operators requirements & needs.
  • Ensures compatibility of the WBTP system with the existing installed equipment and hull structure. The required additional work/cost is minimized.

The offered "Plug & Play" virtual solution we are confident that saves money & time providing also an operationally and technically integrated solution.