Performance Monitoring is a daily service for the monitoring of a vessel’s or a fleet’s performance with respect to fuel oil consumption, machinery and hull condition through an online application for the presentation and reporting.

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HYDRUS Personnel checks and evaluates the reports daily, ensuring data completeness, correctness and correlation.

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After a ten days voyage

A report analyzing of the vessel’s performance is issued every week for each vessel and it is uploaded on the online application. Every week’s report includes not only the performance of the vessel during the last seven days but also the comparison of same to the historic data and the current trend lines. In this way, substantial conclusions can be reached leading to corrective actions and improvements and subsequently to increase of the vessel’s efficiency. Except for the weekly reports, separate studies and reports are issued whenever the available data is adequate for hull condition and main machinery trends assessment, for efficient comparisons between sister or of similar size vessels etc. Through theoretical and thermodynamic models, a none exhaustive list of benefits and results referring to four control points (Main Engine Consumption, Specific Cylinder Oil Consumption, Vessel’s Speed and Diesel Generators Consumption) is achieved:

  • Qualitative evaluation of crew reporting
  • Accurate database ready for use in the next day
  • Immediate notification in case of alarming discrepancies
  • Immediate corrective actions if required
  • Quick feedback for solutions – improvements
  • Equipment calibration / check (flow-meter, torque-meter etc.)
  • Reduction of RPM in case of excessive slip
  • Bunker Survey in case of excessive difference between the reported and theoretical consumption
  • Exhaust Gas Cleaning / Steam Management in case of reported fuel oil consumption of the Boiler at sea going.


The presentation of the daily outputs and the reporting of the relevant analyses by HYDRUS personnel are made via an online application, for which every user has a unique user name and password. Apart from the performance data that is updated daily and is available 24hours, the user can also find the location, the condition and the route of each vessel of the fleet at a glance.